Expedia On-Site Bicycle Service

Bicycle Benifits:

  • All most bicycle services are offered free of charge to Expedia employees
  • All parts and accessories are 15% off MSRP
  • All new bicycles are 15% off MSRP

On-Site Service

(mend) is super excited to offer our excpetional same day service to everyone at Expedia! We arrive on site and setup ready for you to drop off your bike with us about 15 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. We ask that everyone try their best to drop off their bike with us during the hour drop off window, if you can't, we understand and are happy to accommodate you. However, the closer you are to the window, the more likely we are to be able to return your bike to you on time. By and large, (mend) will have all the parts needed for regular service of your bicycle and we should be able to return your bike before 4pm on the day of your appointment. Ride in, let us take care of your bike while you work, and ride home at the end of the day!

Schedule Ahead or Stop In

We would prefer you follow the link at the top left of the page to schedule your tune up ahead of time, but we also understand that life is crazy and things happen. We are always happy to help you when we are on-site, however, we do prioritize those that have made appointments ahead of walk-ups. Don't be discouraged though! (mend) generally can accommodate a fair amount of unexpected things, if we are overloaded, safety issues and daily commuters get cuts to the front of the line.

Parts and Accessories

Our van is small, but it is mighty! We pack our van with over 10k in parts and accessories to make sure we have all the basics, and then some, to help make sure we can meet your repair needs. If there is something that you are worried about us having (most of you out there riding unicorn bicycles know who you are) or if you have something planned that is a bit more than regular maintenance, let us know ahead of time, and we can grab it from our Wedgwood shop or special order it. AND BEST OF ALL? Everything is offered at a discount!


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