About Us

(mend)bicycles was started in 2014, by James, to help service the dedicated bicycle commuters at Seattle Children's Hospital. Since 2014 (mend) has grown to include several large local organizations as well as our new shop in the lovely North East Seattle neighborhood of Wedgwood. We are committed to offering a friendly, supportive, and professional service to riders of all ages and experiences. There is nothing, nothing better than a nice bike ride, and we are here to help everyone enjoy their ride!



James has worked in the bike industry for 10 years. He started working at Bikesport in Ballard as a summer job after college. He is one lucky guy because he gets to do what he loves with some of the best people!



Ty discovered his love of cycling through his Dad on long rides through Wisconsin farmland. His first job was in a bike shop when he was 14, and he has continued to wrench on bikes since then. When he is not at (mend) you can find him riding mountain bikes with Alex, or talking about mountain bikes with Alex.




Alex learned to love riding on the rogue singletrack trails by the banks of the Fox River in Wisconsin. Evenings spent tinkering with bicycles as a child sparked his interest in making a living at it. His finest memories on bike include touring around France, Germany and Holland this last fall. He's looking forward to rippin' all the PNW has to offer with Ty this spring!


Igby "Pig"

Pig is new to the bike industry, but he is sure to make a big splash as our new shop dog! When he isn't napping or eating, Pig is a big fan of snuggles and cool bike stuff (keep and eye out for "Pig's Picks" our monthly specials).